Sovereignty – Spring 2021

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Sovereignty:  A Virtual Spiritual Collective
Our spirited, heart-centered community is based on spiritual awakening, self love and empowerment. Within this global community we will celebrate our freedom, activate our spirits and awaken our truth.  This group is for you if you are a light worker and/or soul seeker ready to unleash your power!

If $33/month is not possible for you right now, you can apply for a scholarship here.

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A Virtual Spiritual Collective

Sovereignty is an online spiritual community; a place for soul seekers light workers to receive nourishment, guidance and inspiration to cultivate their own version of spirituality.

Sovereignty is also my personal story of healing, awakening and embodiment…my journey through abandonment, mental illness, perfectionism, trauma and a whole mess of addictions to find freedom, empowerment and Divine connection.

This spirited, heart-centered, global community is based on spiritual activation, self love and Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness (the idea that we already have all we need within us to be our own healer/master/channel to the Divine) and also that we get to decide how we want to connect with the Divine, both within us and all around us, without the constructs, rules and rigidity of religion.

Within this spiritual community we will:
*Activate our sovereignty and find more freedom on all levels of our being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual)
*Discover & awaken our intuitive & psychic gifts as well as share our gifts within this safe, sacred container
*Share tips, tools & inspiration on holistic healing
*Cultivate our light & explore our soul purpose
*Learn magical spiritual practices to fuel your own healing & awakening
*Commune with other open-minded soul seekers

Your monthly membership to the Collective includes:

*Exclusive access to my raw, authentic & vulnerable journey (the struggles and the celebrations)
*A private, online Facebook community…soon to be Patreon
*Intimate stories from my own diary
*Rune oracle readings
*Teachings on the divine feminine, holistic healing, lucid dreaming, inner child work, gardening & plant medicine, shadow work, womb awakening, energetic medicine, goddess ideology, crystals and so much more
*Prayer & Reiki collective
*Guided meditations & energy work tutorials
Monthly, online Healing Circle (part workshop + part ritual + part magick)

Topics that may be covered include self love, mind-body connection, womb healing & sexual awakening, holistic self care, aligning with Mother Nature and her cycles, energetic self care, forest witchery, sacred union, Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, alchemy (especially with flowers, plants, crystals & essential oils), poetry and other artistic expressions.