Empowerment Resources

Five Steps to Creating a Holistic Stress Management Plan

Stress is part of our human experience but chronic stress can cause many physical, emotional and mental problems when you don’t have a personal plan to effectively manage your stress. In this 40-minute webinar, you will learn the five steps to creating a personalized stress management program.

Here is a worksheet you can download and use:


Improving Your Mood Workbook

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Energy Techniques

Learning how to manage your personal energy and create personal boundaries between yourself and others is life-changing.  In this 3-minute instructional video, you’ll learn a few techniques that can help clear and ground you anytime, anywhere.

Glock Foundation Talk

The Next Revolution in Health Care is Here

This recent article from the Pittsburgh Post Post Gazette shows just how powerful energy work really is.

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Recorded Meditation

This mindfulness meditation guides you from head to toe, creating total relaxation and self healing.