Coaching & Energy Work

1-1 Coaching & Energy Work

Using coaching, mind-body modalities and energy work, we will work together to create a pathway for healing on all levels, activation of your spiritual gifts and transformation into who you were created to be.

1-1 Sessions
coaching + energy work + ceremony + alchemy

1-1 sessions are available by invitation and appointment only.  I work with only a small handful of clients at any given time.  Our sessions include coaching and inner work, energy work, a personalized ceremony and spiritual practices to amplify your healing intentions. I use earth’s medicine and the elements from my garden (flowers, teas, crystals, essential oils, alchemy) to create the most unique healing environment and tools for our time together. Private clients also have priority over my Goddess CSA – seasonal gifts from my kitchen/garden such as food, broth, teas, bath salts, creams, herbs and other medicinals. Please email me at to inquire about 1-1 work.

Goddess Revival Women's Circle

The Goddess Revival begins August 2023

The Goddess Revival Online Program is 9-month elemental journey of shamanic, soul awakening and activation of your sacred feminine energy – the Divine energy within you that sources your intuition, creativity, abundance, pleasure and joy.  At the end of this program, you will feel more authentic, more at peace with your body, more intuitive as well as more aligned and guided toward your Divine Purpose.

This journey is a spiritual path to reconnect with your innate Divinity and the Divinity all around you.  This power, ultimately unconditional, primordial love, has the power to transmute all of your trauma, pain and wounds into your greatest soul gifts – aka shamanic rebirth and spiritual awakening.

This program is for women, mothers, leaders, activists, lightworkers, healers, empaths – woman like YOU who know (or at least some part of you knows) that you are powerful but still not living in your fullest expression aka work very hard but still don’t have what you want.

The Goddess Revival is a a Ministry based on self love, self healing, sacred sexuality, Mother Nature and the Divine Feminine. This beautiful ministry includes a Spiritual Community of women supporting women.  It’s also a Pathway for spiritual awakening through nature and her elements as Nicole willingly demonstrates through her intimate spiritual practices, provocative stories and magical art.

SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY – The Goddess Revival is a conscious congregation of women leaders, mothers and healers who wish to support and receive nourishment from other bad ass, awakened women for the purpose of inspiration, networking and healing.  The GR community meets monthly for a 9-month shamanic rebirth journey and includes:

*monthly group coaching session + sacred ceremony (afternoon retreat-required)
*monthly Magdalene Womb Yoga (90-min spiritual practice-optional)
*weekly mastermind hikes (30-90 min work/life strategy session-optional)
*Rebirth curriculum – weekly inspiration, practices and tools for awakening and healing your sacred feminine energy – 5-30 min each week, posted on Sovereignty Patreon page
*monthly moon oracle readings
*teachings on the ancient feminine mysteries, priestess practices, and so on
*a private group to connect with your Goddess sisters (What’s App, Voxer, etc.)

Our Schedule:
1 – September/October – Equinox Re-conception Ceremony + Rebirth Intentions
2 – November – Air
3 – November – Fire
4 – December – Solstice Magick
5 – January – Water
6 – February – Earth
7 – March – Equinox Ceremony
8 – April – Integration + Divine Purpose
9 – May/June – Rebirth

*possible bonus classes such as womb work, sound healing, past life work, etc.

For more details about the Goddess Revival Program, please click here.

SPIRITUAL PATHWAY – Watch and learn through Nicole’s personal journey of Goddess Revival –  reclaiming her body, her spiritual connection and ALL her power through her ministry of sacred sexuality and healing of her Divine Feminine energy.  Nicole’s spiritual journey + holistic health practices + teachings are available to both women and men through her Patreon page, Sovereignty.

The cost is $222/month for 9 months
OR $1754 total if you pay in full (and save $244)

The cost of Sovereignty, which is $33/month, is additional and NOT included in the cost of Goddess Revival.

So the total for the program is $255 month for 9 months($222 + $33 = $255)

Join the Goddess Revival Here