The Magdalene Box

The Magdalene Box

The Magdalene Box is a treasure chest of alchemical tools to use alongside your own spiritual practices, ceremonies & self healing rituals. These products have been co-created with the elements and in the spirit of Mary Magdalene. Every item is infused with the intention and magic of pleasure, abundance, self healing, and awakening the Sacred Feminine, which is the part of you that’s creative, intuitive, sensual, alive and fertile with possibility.

Here's what's included in The Magdalene Box:


Auric Clearing Spray 2oz – A potent blend of frankincense, cedar wood, geranium, lavender, coconut oil and smoky quartz crystals to cleanse your energy field, enabling better discernment & energetic boundaries.  Spray this mist on yourself and/or your space to clear the energy.


A Mary Magdalene Blend 10ml – A sensual blend of lavender, vetiver, jasmine, neroli & grapefruit paired with the Divine Feminine essence of white coral to cultivate pleasure, abundance, sensuality & self love. Use this aromatic blend as perfume on your wrists, behind the ears, and inside the elbows.


Sacred Body Anointing Oil 2oz – A blend of organic jojoba oil, jasmine, patchouli, cedar wood and Melissa essential oils attuned to the vibration of pleasure, intimacy and self appreciation.


A delicious blend of organic herbs – Washington lavender, damiana, lemon balm and yarrow combined to awaken the inner wisdom and fire of your womb. Lemon balm & yarrow are from Nicole’s garden. Pour boiling water over tea bag, steep for 7 minutes. Enjoy! **Yarrow is not recommended for women who are pregnant.


A friend of mine from high school keeps bees in our home lands of Southeastern PA.  This is delicious and very local honey.  Please support him:


A hand-painted 4×6 card to set on your altar, hang on your wall, or use as a bookmark. Encoded with Magdalene Magick this card is a great reminder of your innate Divinity.


A small, rectangular cloth to use on your own altar, in your own spiritual practices or at the very least, a lovely place to keep your Magdalene Box items.


Four product cards that list the emotional and spiritual properties of each ingredient for Boundaries, Sovereignty, Sacred and the Womb Tea.  Each card also has a powerful affirmation on the back.


Palo Santo has been used by indigenous peoples for centuries to clear negative energy from spaces and other medicinal uses. Burn as incense to clear your space or use in ceremony.


Each box contains one of the four elemental oracles (earth, fire, air, water).  Each oracle includes a hand-painted oracle card, matching oracle reading card and spirit item:
*earth = stone or dried flower
*fire = cedar or lavender
*air = feather
*water = seashell

I’ve collected and cherished these items for YEARS. I have prayed over them, sang to them, honored them on my altar spaces.  These items are FILLED with high vibrational medicine. And…this elemental oracle has a message for you! Each element brings different wisdom for your healing and empowerment.  Use the words on the oracle reading card to invite the elemental messages into your meditation practice or rituals.


As for the magic and astrology of the Magdalene Box, these tools are infused with the two full moons in Aquarius, as well as the potent Lion’s gate, a major cycle we just ended. They have been infused with the magic of the elements, Reiki and the blessing of Mary Magdalene.
I will be sharing much more about the Divine connection and inspiration that co-created this box with me so please stay tuned.

The cost for each box is $125 if delivered or picked up.
The cost is $135 if shipped.

There is a 2-box limit for each person. They make awesome gifts for your sisters and friends in your life too! Email me here to reserve your Box.