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My gift and passion is helping you understand your true power and just how special and needed you are at this time. Using a number of modalities including coaching and energy work, together we create a pathway to your awakening, empowerment and transformation. Below are all of my current offerings.

Intro Packages

For those of you who’d like to explore working with me, but may not be ready to commit to a longer timeframe.  Intro packages are designed to give you a full introduction to the potential of working together. These packages are ONLY available to first-time clients.


Coaching & energy work are ideal if you are ready for a big shift, you are ready to step into your power, find your purpose or discover your innate gifts; or you are in a personal or professional transition.


The Goddess Revival is a both Spiritual Community of women supporting women and a Spiritual Path for all women/men to reawaken, rewild, realign and rebirth to unearth their authenticity, innate power, wild Shakti energy as well as their Divine purpose. It’s a ministry based on sisterhood, self healing Mother Nature and the Divine Feminine.


Alchemy is also vibrational medicine.  I create art, handmade spiritual tools and magical products from my garden and kitchen that can change your mood, your health,  and the direction of your day.  Divinely inspired and co-created with the elements, all of my creations are infused with Reiki, elemental Magick, prayers and high-vibe intentions.


Experience self-discovery in an immersive, supportive environment in a beautiful location.  All retreats include reconnecting with nature, guided meditation, healthy meals, energy work and soulful awakening.


Nicole has delivered dozens of motivational and educational presentations to groups and companies in the Pittsburgh area.  She brings inspiration, connection and empowerment in all of her messages.  She has spoken for the PLAA, UPMC, OMA, KDKA and at Allegheny General Hospital.


From Self Love to Reiki workshops and attunements, I teach various topics throughout the year, both in person and online.  Click here to see all current offerings.

"Coaching sessions with Nicole are always eye-opening for me. She has a way of uncovering deeply-rooted issues, thought patterns and/or beliefs I often have been carrying since childhood, or introduces me to a new perspective about a situation I am struggling with. She truly creates a "safe space" in which I always feel comfortable, listened to, and cared for. I leave these conversations with more understanding of my past and present self and also with more compassion towards them." ~Carolyn M
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