Ready to inspire and empower your group or employees?

Nicole has delivered dozens of motivational and educational presentations to groups and companies in the Pittsburgh area.

“Nicole was very enthusiastic and professional about the knowledge she shared to cultivate positive life style changes at our breast cancer conference.
The topic was extremely polished and relevant.  She really connected with the audience and motivated them to consider new strategies that creates a mindset to promote healing and change.”
Carol Glock, CEO Glock Foundation, Cancer Survivor

She has spoken for the PLAA, the UPMC Wellness and Integrative Oncology Program, OMA, KDKA and the Glock Foundation Conference at AGH.

2018 Topics:

  • OM in the Office: Mindfulness and Other Holistic Tools to Create Peace and Productivity in the Office
  • Empowerment Series: Five Tools for Empowering You in Mind, Body & Spirit
  • Holistic Stress Management: How to Create a Personalized Stress Management Program Using Holistic Modalities
  • Self-care for Healthcare
  • Path to Progress: Five Steps to Create Momentum Toward Change and Personal Growth
  • Retraining Your Brain: Tools to Free Yourself from Self Sabotage, Fear and Anxiety