Nicole Trombley

Spiritual Mentor

Enlightened guidance for life and business to reconnect you with your deepest truth and greatest impact.

Many of us want to have an impact in our work, our lives and our communities but we don’t know where to start. Let me help enlighten your path!

In a world that often shames us into becoming something we’re not, conformity has created a society full of dormant souls who are overwhelmed, anxious, sick, and who are ready to start living on purpose.

The time has come for us to reconnect with our authentic selves, realize our full potential and power, and bring joy and purpose into all we do. We change the world by starting with ourselves, prioritizing our self-care, redefining our spiritual connection, and tapping into the magic and wisdom that already exists within us.

“Nicole has a unique way of tapping into the major issues we face in today’s society. She is an expert in helping dormant souls find their way back home and her message is very much needed in today’s over medicated, over stressed, and over addicted society. Her unique story will inspire audiences to take action and start looking inside themselves for answers.”
Margie Shard
When I speak, my audience learns how to:
  • Break free from the systemic prison of conformity
  • Heal trauma and rewire mental, emotional and spiritual programming
  • Become fully embodied as whole, multidimensional beings
  • Reestablish the mind-body connection and discover their authenticity
  • Redesign their spiritual experience
  • Gain self love and self-acceptance
“Nicole is a beautiful and authentic speaker. Her message of freedom and empowerment from the experiences in our lives that keep us small is a bright light in a world that sometimes feels like a dark and lonely place.”
Elsa Borsa
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Nicole also speaks for colleges, high schools and other up and coming-of-age audiences who are discovering who they are and about to enter a new chapter of their lives.
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“Nicole’s enthusiastic and professional delivery of her knowledge on cultivating positive lifestyle changes was wildly received at our breast cancer conference. The topic was extremely polished and relevant. She really connected with the audience and inspired them to consider new strategies that creates a mindset to promote healing and change.”
Carol Glock, CEO Glock Foundation, Cancer Survivor

As an intuitive life coach, corporate wellness consultant and self-care expert, Nicole Trombley uses her wisdom and over ten years of experience in the field of wellness to empower professionals, students and anyone ready to find deeper meaning. Nicole’s teachings allow people to step into their power and bring deep purpose to their work and life.

Through her enlightened approach to personal and professional development, Nicole guides companies and individuals to reprogram their mindset, uncovering the mental and emotional patterns keeping them stuck. The outcome: reduced stress and overwhelm, increased energy and efficiency, and an elevated sense of empowerment.

With her mission of establishing personal and professional development as a top priority, Nicole has been designing and implementing corporate wellness programs for over eight years. After working closely with cancer patients with an Integrative Oncology program, she knew she had to expand her focus and and venture even more deeply into the human spirit. Nicole regularly speaks on the topics of empowerment, holistic health, personal transformation and spirituality while offering workshops, corporate retreats, and an online platform for personal development. She is the author of Overwhelmed to Empowered: 25 Ways to Reclaim Your Personal Power and is currently writing her second book, Dormant Souls. She lives in Pittsburgh with her husband and children.

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Nicole’s Most Requested Speech Topics

I am also happy to tailor the message to fit your audience and desired outcome.

Overwhelmed to Empowered: Bringing Heart, Soul & Authenticity into Your Work

Most professionals want to have an impact but can’t seem to get past their fear, overwhelm and self-sabotage. What if you could learn how to reconnect with yourself so deeply that your natural rhythm aligned with your creativity, your purpose and your greatest contribution? Through years of experience and a deep understanding of the human psyche, Nicole teaches people how to reawaken their spirit, find their deepest authenticity, reprogram their mindset and uncover damaging mental and emotional patterns. Her compelling message and practical tools will inspire her audience to step into their power and fullest expression.

  • Understand the top reasons why despite your best efforts, you continue to self-sabotage your success.
  • Learn simple, practical strategies to reduce overwhelm and reconnect with your heart, soul and authenticity.
  • Identify subconscious patterns that undermine your success, health and happiness.

In a world where we have been programmed to multi-task, disconnect and distract ourselves, it’s time to reawaken to our truth, our message and our purpose. When we are fully present and embodied, we move mountains.

Holistic Self Care to UpLevel Your Impact & Fuel Your Purpose

In a world where high-level success is associated with burnout, overwhelm and ill health, Nicole teaches professionals how to reconnect deeply with themselves on every level —physical, emotional, mental and spiritual — in order to awaken their innate healing ability, open their creative channel and live and work on purpose. After coaching professionals and cancer patients for the last ten years, she knows which self -care strategies lead to the highest return on investment, and it doesn’t start with exercise. Nicole demonstrates how awakening your spirit —with mind-body connection, emotional intelligence and core, authentic resiliency — can elevate your energy, efficiency and impact.

  • Learn the top three self-care tools that you aren’t putting into practice
  • Reawaken your spirit, reclaim your energy and step into your power using practical and effective methods
  • Bring joy and purpose into every aspect of your life and work, even if you don’t have your dream job

Self- care is the gateway not only for greater health and productivity but also for creative flow, joy and purpose. When we are able to fully communicate with ourselves on every level – everything in our life can change.

Listen to Nicole’s recent talk at the Glock Breast Cancer Survivor Conference


I loved the way Nicole shared both her personal journey and touched so many places inside my own story too. I really related to the way she reminded us to not look outside ourselves for approval and love. I loved the meditation and grounding meditation to bring us all home. Sensational!!
-Sandy McNolty

A true call to connect within and trust the wisdom we all have. Nicole inspired through her own story and delivered a powerful perspective that we all have our strength to awaken to our fullest potential. Warm, grounded, and so incredibly knowledgeable. Nicole overdelivers.
-Megan Hale

Nicole’s ability to connect every person to their heart and deeper purpose is profound. Her depth of wisdom around our need for connection to the greater purpose inspires, uplifts and motivates all she touches.
-Deanna Deacon

Nicole’s talks are real and powerful. I totally resonated with her message. So many others have been let down by the systems that are meant to support them. And her message is much needed in the world to give others hope who are experiencing the same.
-Karen Leverenz

Nicole shared her story vulnerably, with heart and soul. I love her energy. She’s genuine and real, amazing and brave.
-Krystie Lyn Ebeling

Nicole had amazing energy and sincerity. I felt her words as she spoke of “awakening” and overcoming her false self. Her rich determination to find her worth is contagious.
-Laura Kay

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Your soul is speaking, are you listening?

Other benefits of Nicole’s message:
  • Practical tools to launch a personal awakening
  • How to reawaken your authentic self and connect to your deepest level
  • How to reduce anxiety and overwhelm
  • Uncover underlying mental and emotional patterns causing stress, ill health & self sabotage
  • How to map and create your life intentionally
  • How to rewire your brain for health, success & joy
Other Talk Titles
  • Reawakening Your Dormant Soul
  • Retraining Your Brain: Tools to Free Yourself from Self Sabotage, Fear and Anxiety
  • Holistic Self Care: Three Steps That Will Dramatically Change Your Life
  • Mindset Makeover: Three Steps to Wire Your Mind for Success, Health and Whatever Else You Desire
  • Discovering YOU: A Deep Dive Into Your Authentic Self & Finding Your Soul Purpose
  • OM in the Office: Mindfulness and Other Tools to Create Peace and Productivity in the Office

We change the world by changing ourselves, one step at a time.

Nicole Trombley