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What is the #1 Way To Start Feeling Stronger, Healthier & More Productive Right Now?

By September 16, 2021Uncategorized

Setting boundaries, my friends!!!

In this video I briefly discuss why boundaries are so very important, especially right now while the world is losing its mind.

Over the next week, I’ll be sharing a series of short, simple practices to teach you how to set boundaries to clear & protect your energy, an absolute game-changer for those of you new to energetic self care.

These helpful tools and practices are for EVERYONE, whether you know anything about “energy” or not.

Setting boundaries boosts your immunity, makes you more resilient and increases discernment…and who doesn’t need better discernment during these times?  These practices are especially helpful for those of you, or for the children and family members, who are empathic, sensitive and immune compromised.

For those of you who love your science, everything I am going to teach you in these mini lessons is based in quantum physics…the science of the earth and cosmos, which most of us learned NOTHING about in school.

As a side note, all of the science we are taught in school is based on Newtonian physics, which is entirely outdated and doesn’t account for the MAGIC that we, the universe and the earth we live upon REALLY ARE.

So please check back on the blog for these simple, video practices or you can join my free Facebook group, Self Mastery for Spiritual Souls where I will post even more inspiration and guidance on boundaries.

And speaking of boundaries, magic and big-time self care, I am hosting a Goddess Revival Forest Retreat this October, a nourishing weekend of grounding, recharging and activating your spiritual connection.  If you’re into self healing, luxurious R&R, embodiment, forests, water therapy and healthy, nourishing food, check it out.

Boundaries enable our best work and our best selves.  And they can help you thrive for all that’s coming.

Please feel free to share where you are with your boundaries these days, my friends.  If this is already an established practice for you, I’d love to hear some of your favorite boundary-setting tricks.

Lots of love, friends XO