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5 Boundaries Everyone Should Set to Avoid Overwhelm & Burnout

By October 1, 2021Uncategorized

We can all agree that boundaries are life-changing and a primary foundation of your health, vitality and sovereignty.

So why do so many of us struggle to set and maintain our boundaries? 

For starters, we haven’t been taught the whole truth about who we are, including our spiritual nature and our energy anatomy.  You are constantly attracting energies to you as well as absorbing energies from other people, places and experiences.

Boundaries help protect your sovereignty and can also improve immunity, vitality and discernment.

And while each of us needs to do our own energetic inventory and set boundaries, there are certain boundaries that are universally helpful.  Let’s the explore the five boundaries everyone should set to avoid burnout and overwhelm:

  1. Don’t respond to messages right away

For years I would respond to my messages, almost always as soon as I saw them.  It actually created anxiety for me to leave a message open for too long.  Yikes.  Now, I see messages when I see them and intuitively know how/when to respond.  Sometimes, right away is not the best idea!  Give yourself space and time to respond and create a system of checking messages that is both consistent, responsible and fits appropriately in the flow of your day and work.

2.  Set strict boundaries around work time

Speaking of work, studies have shown that the healthiest, happiest and most successful people leave work at work and create sacred boundaries around pleasure, play and rest.  Create a realistic schedule around “NO WORK” zones and communicate those boundaries with your clients and customers.  And this goes both ways.  While at work, commit to being fully present at work.  Put your best foot forward regardless of how you feel about your current job.  Why?  Because cultivating joy in your current spot helps you manifest something better.  Joy is a key frequency missing for most people right now.  Get your work/life balance in order and make more time for joy, play and pleasure.

3. Create time and space for your self care aka downtime

If your first thought is, “I don’t have time for x, y and z”, I remind you that we all have the time, we just don’t make the time.  It’s your responsibility to create and commit to the self care required for your body, mind and spirit. Try scheduling anywhere between an hour to an entire weekend dedicated to your self care on all four levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

And speaking of self care, I am co-hosting a workshop this fall called Superhuman Immunity, where we will teach you tips, tools and practices for all 4 levels to boost one of your greatest superpowers:  your immune system.  Don’t miss it.  

4. Understand your own limits and don’t push beyond them

If you know that you need at least 7 hours of sleep to function well, don’t be surprised when life falls apart after 4 nights of working too late or watching too many episodes and not getting enough sleep.  If you know that you become a monster when you miss a meal, don’t fill your day with important things without making time to nourish and restore your body.  Begin to pay attention to your energy levels throughout the day.  What do you notice?  When do you feel most productive?  When do you feel tired or sluggish?  We all have the ability to set the pace of our day and our own boundaries around our natural flow – we’ve just been programmed into a mechanical and technology-driven lifestyle.

5. Stay away from toxic people and relationships

We all have them.  The family, friends and colleagues that drain our energy, make us close down and often require days to recover from engaging with them.  If you have a lot of these people in your life, I encourage you to look up energy vampires.  It’s a real thing.  Once you understand the toxic nature of some people and are ready to set your boundaries, ask yourself how quickly can I eliminate or reduce my exposure to them?  And work on the part of you that allowed them to treat you so poorly/drain your energy in the first place.

Want some extra protection?  See my video about using crystals and essential oils as well as this self care tool I created to help with Boundaries XO