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Boundaries: Grounding Into Mother Nature

By October 1, 2021Uncategorized

Nature is one of the best healing tools we have.  

Our body is literally made of the same materials as the earth.  We are but one cell within her.  When we connect ourselves with the healing energy of nature, miracles can happen.  At the very least, when we align our vibration with the vibration of nature we immediately feel better, more grounded, secure and relaxed.  This is powerful medicine.  Why?  Because healing CAN ONLY happen when your body is in that state, or rather at that frequency.

The healing properties of Mother Nature explain why it feels so good to get fresh air or spend time outside.  The frequencies of the elements can help restore balance in your body, peace in your mind, release of your emotional energy and activation of your spirit.

It’s no coincidence in my own journey that the more healing I experience, the closer to nature I become.  

Nature can clear your energy systems in many ways but you can start right now simply by sitting on the earth or walking barefoot to allow yourself to connect to her magnetic, healing energy.

In this video, I explain more about this profound connection and its miraculous potential, along with a short practice to try.

Or you can also sit on the earth for at least 5 minutes, in the grass or soil, in bare feet if possible.  Connect to the magnetic, powerful energy of the earth.  Breathe with her.  Allow the life force into your body, your cells and your systems.  Allow her to recycle your stagnant energy and rebirth you into a clear, present and restored version of yourself.

When you prioritize consistent time in nature, you begin to recalibrate.  

Nature heals.  Enjoy some time outside today!

Please share your insights and experiences in nature or with your own healing practices to clear and protect your energy.