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My relationship with the priestess of luxury, initiation, sensuality, and the earth mysteries.

By December 6, 2021Uncategorized
Mary Magdalene has been looming in my consciousness for the duration of my life, except I didn’t see her.
I only saw the desperate prostitute that the church made her out to be, which didn’t excite me that much to be honest.
As I’ve come to know who she really was through studying the ancient feminine mysteries and my own inner experiences with her, I now know she was a woman in her power, a seductress, a woman of luxury and pleasure and everything in between, a wild woman, not controlled by her friends or the news, but operating from a place of Divinity, which she understood was right inside of her all along.
She embodied Gnosis or the truth that we are all our own Saviors, our own Healers, our own Christed Selves. And as long as we are connected to our Source and embodied in our sovereignty, anything and everything is possible.
I am Mary Magdalene and she is me.
She is also inside each of you.
She is calling us home to the beautiful, magical and powerful embodiments we really are.
She wants you to know that if you’re ready for her, she will take you on a provocative journey into your own darkness, only to rise as the Divine being you came here to be. She will teach you abundance, pleasure, self love, boundaries, spiritual connection, embodiment and so much more.
Last year around the end of October, I finally became ready to hear what Mary had to say to me.
Actually, it was a year of seeing things I didn’t want to see; acknowledging where my pain is still stuck; and the drastic changes that were necessary as a result.
Just this past July, on her Feast Day, I finally said yes to her.
So far life has changed dramatically since.
And there are bigger changes ahead.
With her guidance, love and support, as well as the energy and love of my ancestors, I started listening, I started following the directions, I started creating…spirit into matter…making Magick…understanding just how I am going to do what God is asking me to do.
I am a Priestess of Sophia and I am ready to take my seat at the table and feast. My wild, provocative, sovereign self is ready to burst out of my skin and lead the way into this Age of Aquarius.
The shift has already occurred. And we all have a choice.
All of us have the capacity to rise from our ashes, our illnesses, our trauma to evolve this planet in a better direction. You are so needed now.
After years of clearing my channel, I am ready to birth my art and alchemy into the world.
With her love and guidance, I created the Magdalene Box, a set of spiritual self care tools, hand-painted art and an elemental oracle to initiate you into your own personal awakening.
My relationship with Magdalene, and as an initiate of the Magdalene lineage myself, I’ll be sharing so much more.  She brings gifts for the ages.  Does she call to you too?
There has never been a more powerful time to activate your magic, my friends.
My healing is your healing and your healing is my healing.
And our healing together is how we change the world.
As the Universe, So the Soul, Embodied in Earth