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Mind Chatter and Three Ways to Quiet It Down

By August 15, 2017Uncategorized


We all have it.  It’s something I’m really working on right now and have been for the last little while.

My mind chatter is a constant feed of thoughts, opinions, fantasy, fear, analysis.  It’s fierce.  It’s really difficult for me to quiet it down sometimes.  For years I wanted to start a meditation practice and finally after I convinced myself that it was actually possible for me to meditate, I started.  Some days just a few minutes, some days for much longer.  Some days, it’s guided and some days it’s not.

One of the many benefits of my meditation practice is the new level of awareness that I now have over my mind chatter.  I am also reawakening my intuition.  I was a very intuitive child and recently I’ve been remembering my gifts;  I am waking up once again…which has happened multiple times in my life in various ways.  It’s almost impossible for me to listen to my intuition; use my other gifts and maintain spiritual connections with incessant mind chatter.

Call it the ego, the shadow self, the left brain…it really no longer serves me.  Now, I must say that this part of myself has been very useful for a very long time.  It was my survival, my intellect, my drive.  It has given me an amazing life and so much success, both personally and professionally. But now it’s time to turn down the volume.  Now it’s time to allow my higher self to take the driver’s seat; to lead with my heart; to quiet my mind enough to experience the subtle energies in and around me that I have always felt.  I’m now learning how to manage this energy for my highest good and work with others to do the same.

A new chapter begins.  And the mind chatter does continue but the more I sit quietly and go inward and the more I prioritize my divine connections, the more power I have to control the volume.

If your mind chatter makes your like unmanageable…if it constantly tells you that you need to do more, do better or avoid this or that because it’s just too risky, I assure you that you too can find freedom.  You can break through your mind’s old patterns to create the health, relationships, career you desire.  Stay tuned for more musings.  I am just getting started…

Here are some tips to begin quieting your mind chatter:

*Pay attention.  What is actually going on between your two ears?  Do you talk nicely to yourself?  Are you always telling yourself that life isn’t fair, everyone else is out to get you?  Life is too busy and you’ll never get a break?  The first step in any direction is always awareness.

*Get honest. What do you most desire in your life?  Peace of mind?  Perfect health?  Love?  Start to listen to what your mind chatter says about these things.  Do you even believe these things are possible?

*Find silence.   Meditation is so vital to begin to detach from the chatter, the thought patterns, the programming.  There is no such thing as right or wrong here.  The goal is really just to sit quietly, quiet the mind and move inward.  Give your mind a break.  The physical body works well with movement while the mind and spirit work well with stillness.