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One Symptom of a Dormant Soul: Lowered Immunity

By October 22, 2021Uncategorized

You seem to pick up everything that goes around. You’re always feeling sub-par. You’re always in pain.

Do you know that our bodies are designed to heal themselves? Our immune systems are constantly fighting off bugs, germs and greater threats. Our tendency to pick up illness—from colds to cancer—is a function of our immune system. A weakened immune system is the most important factor in your tendency to get sick.

Your immune system is this amazing gift—one that knows EXACTLY what to do. When we use more vital energy than we have, our immune system struggles to keep up. It doesn’t have the energy to do its job.

We often get in the way of our body’s natural ability to fight intruders. How is that possible, when we seemingly devote so much time in pursuit of health? We exercise, drink green smoothies, go to yoga, and (most of the time) try really hard to take good care of our bodies. So why isn’t it working?

If you are suffering consistently from illness, ailments or other chronic isssues, perhaps there is something off about your energy equation. Our souls know what to do about this, but we are so disconnected from ourselves that we are constantly searching Google and paying other people to tell us what’s wrong with us. The key is moving our attention inward and really feeling what’s going on inside of us. Energy always precedes matter and it’s imperative to get to know all parts of yourself, your emotions, your recurring thoughts patterns, your energy body, all of it.

Your body speaks to you everyday, are you listening? Do you ignore your body’s messages of fatigue and push through the day without rest or refueling? Do you ignore pain because you simply have too much to do? Do you not have time to take care of the basic needs of your body—eating nutritious, nourishing foods, engaging in movement that’s appropriate for your body, allowing yourself to rest and recover?

Many practices are available to help you re-establish your mind-body connection—yoga,meditation, qi gong, body mapping—to name a few. You can start by simply sitting with your body for a few minutes each day before you get out of bed and/or before you fall asleep at night.

Your spirit has all the answers about what’s going on with you and what to do about it. Yes, we do need help and support. Yes, we do need medicine at times. Yes, listening to our bodies is a language most of us have forgotten – but it’s possible and worth the effort to learn how to speak it again.

Ask your body what it needs. And then practice listening.

But it’s not just the physical body that needs care. We are multidimensional beings, with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves. We often ignore our emotional and spiritual selves, focusing instead on our bodies and intellects. We don’t realize how harmful this is, but ignoring any part of ourselves is dangerous and irresponsible.

Emotions, for example, are powerful. Emotions are energy, just like the wind. We can’t see emotions, but we experience their power. When you ignore your emotions or numb them (with food, drugs, tv/screens, etc.) they become stuck in your body.

Repressed/unprocessed emotions are often the origin of illness and disease. It’s a lot of work for your body and spirit to manage emotional toxicity and trauma.

So perhaps if you are always sick and have a lowered immune response, it’s time to address ALL aspects of yourself, beyond just your physical body.

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