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The One Thing You Aren’t Doing That Can Change Your Life Instantly

By March 25, 2018Uncategorized

Spring is all about fresh starts and new beginnings. This seasonal transition is the perfect time to explore what positive changes you want to create in the coming weeks.  

As a health coach, I work with many people who have different goals; some want to reduce anxiety, some want a more fulfilling career, some want to lose weight and others want to regain their health and vitality after a difficult diagnosis. Regardless of their goals, every woman wants the same thing:  empowerment. They want to feel in control of themselves and feel like they are the intentional creators of their lives.

If you feel overwhelmed and powerless as life passes by, you are not alone. We all want to feel empowered and in-control. Here are some tips that can lead you to lasting and sustainable change:

First, remember that personal transformation is a highly personal process and each person is going to have a different experience. But most people start off on the wrong foot.  They set goals and create an action plan, gather their tools and begin their journey and most people still fall short of their vision. But why?

After working with hundreds of people over the last decade, it is clear to me that most of you are missing the most important step:  slowing down, tuning in and cultivating a regular practice of self awareness.

Next, you must realize that wellness is first and foremost, an inside job.  You simply cannot change your outsides without first addressing your insides!  What do I mean by this? If you want to lose weight (aka improve your physical appearance) and your plan is to eat healthfully…you first must find what kind of diet is best for you.  You must heal your relationship with food. You have to understand the thoughts, habits and behaviors you have that caused your weight gain in the first place!



Each of us has a Divine wisdom inside of us that knows exactly what we need and how we can achieve perfect health, peace and happiness.  I guarantee you are full of all of the answers you are seeking, you only need to ask yourself and reconnect with this inner wisdom.

The problem is most people have completely lost touch with themselves.  We are a society full of people who have very little or no mind-body connection.  Our bodies talk to us everyday, are you listening? Or are you ignoring symptoms, pushing through, sick all the time or surprised when you get a ominous diagnosis “out of nowhere”?  

We have been trained to suppress our feelings and emotions because they are inconvenient, a sign of weakness or if you work in an office, a lack of professionalism.  (To learn more about emotional suppression in the workplace and how damaging this can be, read this article here.)

“Your body talks to you every day. Are you listening?”

Slowing down and tuning in to what’s happening in your mind and body as a regular practice can change your life.  Not only will you feel more empowered, but you will know exactly what your mind and body needs to thrive, to regain balance and vitality as well as how you can lose weight, how you can sleep better, how you can intentionally create a life or career that you want.

Nicole Trombley is on a mission to help women understand their true power. She designs and implements holistic wellness programs for individuals, groups and companies, helping her clients re-power physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Learn more at PillarWellness.com.


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