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Things That Lower Your Vibration

By September 21, 2021Uncategorized

Your vibration matters.  You don’t get sick when your vibration is consistently high.  It’s normal for your vibration  to shift up and down all day long.  It’s not normal for your vibration to remain too low for too long – in addition to having a weakened immune system, chronic, lower vibrations are associated with depression, anxiety, addiction and so much more.

So where to you begin to raise your vibration?

Start paying attention to your energy…what drains you the most?  What lifts you up?  Use your awareness to make better decisions on your behalf.

Avoid or reduce the people, places and things that make you feel awful, stressed, etc.  And aim to add more of the people, circumstances and experiences that lift you up – exercise, good friends, a bath, a vacation!

It all starts with boundaries, my friends!  Before we can shift our vibration intentionally we have to understand what’s ours and what’s not.  

Here is a great starting point for setting better boundaries, by clearing & protecting your field.  Simple practices like these can make a huge difference in your day.

Most of you can feel when your vibration is low…you may feel frazzled, sad, anxious, isolated – not good feelings!  Plus the stress of everyday life and the state of the world also add to this spiral.  Here are the top things that lower our vibration:

  • Stress
  • Processed foods
  • Certain people, places and things
  • Alcohol
  • Overthinking
  • Not enough sleep
  • Judging & criticizing others
  • Say YES when we really want to say NO
  • Shame & resentment

For more guidance, inspiration, tools and practices you can use to set better boundaries and raise your vibration, I invite you to join my free, private Facebook group.  

Sovereignty is a choice and it begins with strong boundaries.

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