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Three Daily Rituals That Can Change Your Life

By August 28, 2018Uncategorized

Rituals are human nature.  They make us feel safe and organized and help us get into a frame of mind for a particular action or process.  All of us employ them.  Rituals are so much more than religious ceremonies: the way you prepare yourself in the morning (coffee first, read, then eat breakfast) is a great example.  And I bet you have many rituals that use throughout your day.

I am also a huge fan of ritual.  When we can create intentional patterns of thought and behavior for specific intentions, it is POWERFUL, my friends.  

Here are three rituals that I have found to literally change lives (if you’re not doing these already):

1.  Daily Self Inventory
2.  Connecting to Your Divine Source
3.  Clearing Your Energy

Daily Self Inventory
Understanding yourself is first and foremost.  You can’t change what you aren’t aware of or understand.  Taking time each day to explore your mind, body, and spirit is one of the most basic forms of self-care.  Not to mention, all transformation begins here.  

Your daily inventory is best done within the first hours of your day.  It can be a part of your existing morning routine, prayer or yoga/exercise practice.  Here’s an example:

-Find a comfortable seat in your sacred space or alter at home (you could even do this at work).
-Take a few deep breaths with the intention of connecting to your inner/higher self.
-Ask yourself what your body needs today?  What does your mind need today?  Your spirit?
-What are your top priorities of the day?  How does it look when all of them happen effortlessly and perfectly?
-How do you want to feel at the end of the day?
-What is the one action you need to take in order to realize this vision?

For a more expanded version of a daily self-inventory template, go to my website, www.pillarwellness.com and sign up for my newsletter (even if you already get it, you won’t get it twice!) and you’ll get a FREE downloadable self-inventory toolkit that you can use and make your own.

Connecting to Your Divine Source
We are powerful, spiritual creatures.  Most of us to do not realize and certainly do not utilize this power.  Whatever you believe as your Higher Power (God/Universe/Source/Mother Nature) find a way to dial into that energy as soon as you can upon waking.

You can pray, you can meditate, you can simply ask to connect.  Keep it simple.  This is so powerful.  We are not expected to manage our lives alone.  We have unending universal support and guidance.

Here is a favorite affirmation of mine that I use regularly:  I am Divinely guided and protected and my way is made smooth and easy.

Clearing Your Energy
We, and everything else in the Universe, is made up of energy.  I would bet most of you pick up on others’ energy pretty easily (your spouse, your kids, your coworkers, people on the bus).  Have you ever been exhausted simply from just a conversation with someone?

Your body’s energy systems (there are many) are a constant feedback loop, input, and output, of information between yourself and your environment.

Clearing your energy at the end of each, or as-needed after interactions etc. throughout the day, can have a tremendous impact on your health and wellbeing and also your state of mind.

Head over to Resources > Tools > from my home page at www.pillarwellness.com to find a quick video to show you some energy techniques to clear your energy.

You can also clear yourself with nature, crystals, essential oils, sage and an Epsom salt bath.

Please share your experiences with these or other rituals you use on the regular!

Nicole Trombley is on a mission to help women understand their true power. She designs and implements holistic wellness programs for individuals, groups, and companies, helping her clients re-power physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Learn more at PillarWellness.com.

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