Goddess Revival:
Forest Hike & Healing Circle

Join  a small group of soulful women for an afternoon retreat to the deep woods for your own personal Goddess revival – awakening the sacred, creative and potent feminine energy already within you

We will…
*connect with the elements through a 2-4 mile hike, forest ceremony & energy healing practices
*eat a healthy, nourishing Goddess picnic lunch
*heal our minds, bodies and spirits with sound and movement
*learn ancient feminine practices to heal and awaken our wombs

Sunday, July 24, 2022
Laurel Highlands, PA


Cost is $65
Scholarships also available

The Goddess Revival is a Spiritual Community of women supporting women.

It’s a ministry based on sisterhood, self healing mother nature and the Divine Feminine. It’s also a Pathway for all women to reawaken, rewild, realign and rebirth to find their authentic and innate power as well as their Divine purpose.

Through this community you will be guided and supported to reawaken, rewild, realign and rebirth. You will discover YOUR unique magic, connect with other soulful sisters and reestablish powerful spiritual connection…all within the healing support of Mother Nature and the Divine Feminine.


Learn more about the Goddess Revival Community + Pathway here.

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Goddess Revival:
Equinox Celebration & Ceremony

Join other mothers, lovers, leaders and healers for an afternoon of celebration, retreat, rejuvenation, garden magic, sisterhood and activation of our feminine magic.

We will…
*connect with the elements through Qi Gong and other energy healing practices
*eat healthy, nourishing foods prepared fresh from the garden
*dance, sing and commune around a ceremonial fire
*heal our minds, bodies and spirits with a sound healing picnic
*allow and receive Reiki healing from multiple practitioners
*heal and awaken our solar plexus

Sunday, September 25, 2022
Private residence + garden in the Pgh area
10:00a-5:00p Equinox Retreat + Celebration + Goddess Garden Brunch

Cost is $111
Women Only
Scholarships also available

The Goddess Revival is a Spiritual Community of women supporting women. It’s a ministry based on sisterhood, self healing mother nature and the Divine Feminine.

During this afternoon retreat to a magical garden and local homestead you’ll enjoy:

*Elemental Qi Gong – Learn simple and potent energy practices to connect with the healing energies of nature
*Goddess Garden Brunch + Juice – Nourish your body with a luxurious garden to table spread + cocktails/mocktails
*Dance Church – Shake the old, stagnant energy away + enliven your Spirit
*Equinox Ceremony – Celebrate + set intentions for the autumn season
*Picnic Sound Bath – Awaken Shakti with the primordial sound healing of sound bowls, chimes and other magical sounds as you lie upon the earth


Learn more about the Goddess Revival Community + Pathway here.

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Goddess Revival: Reawakening the Primal, Wild, Sensual Energy of Your Sacred Feminine Energy

FREE Goddess Revival Workshop

The Divine Feminine can heal all parts of you.

All humans, both men and women, have both masculine and feminine energy, just like everything in the Universe has both light and dark. Most of us have little or no connection with our feminine side for many reason and also the patriarchal structures of the last 2,000 years have done a number on us all.

As a result, we feel disconnected, incapable, overwhelmed and we feel awful about our bodies plus we have little or no emotional and spiritual connection.

In this FREE workshop you will learn:

*the qualities of feminine energy – both light and shadow
*feminine wounds and why most people (especially women) are disconnected from their feminine essence and the damage and disconnect this causes (from depression, anxiety, infertility, eating disorder, addictions to simple discontent)
*how reclaiming your feminine energy can increase creativity, intuition, vibrant sexuality, abundance and Divine connection plus create a pathway to healing from all of the above
*simple, yet profound practices to begin the process of awakening your sacred feminine energy

Email to request the replay link of this free workshop.

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Reiki 1 & 2 Workshops

$200 or $350

In both workshops, we will explore Reiki, its origins, its applications and how it works.  Each workshop includes a Reiki attunement.  The teachings will hold true to the original intentions and intuitive wisdom of Dr. Mikao Usui. We will learn and practice additional healing techniques and exercises as well as the symbols (in Level II) that can be used with clients and also help develop your Reiki abilities.

Level I – Coming Soon!
Level II –
Coming Soon!

Reiki Master Attunements also coming soon

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Superhuman Immunity:
Crystals, Self healing & Spiritual Practices to Boost Your Greatest Defense

Superhuman Immunity:
Crystals, Self healing & Spiritual Practices To Boost Your Greatest Defense

Mind, Body, Spirit Activation & Workshop Coming Soon
In this dramatically changing world, there has never been a more important time to prioritize self care to activate your body’s innate ability to heal, repair and protect.  Full of inspiration, simple practices and immune-boosting energy work for all levels of your being, this 60-minute workshop is one not to miss as we face some of greatest immunity challenges.
You’ll learn:
*how to reestablish or amplify your mind-body connection
*how to use crystals to clear your energy and boost your energy
*tools to help you evaluate & improve your immunity on all levels of your being – physical, emotional, mental & spiritual
*a powerful energetic practice to boost your physical immune system
*how you can begin to turn on your body’s innate ability to repair & heal
*learn crystals for immunity
*a simple practice to release emotional energy
*the role the mind plays in our overall immune function
*spiritual practices to activate your somatic (body) intelligence through nature
Hosted by Immunity Superstar Nicole Trombley, Intuitive Coach, Priestess & Holistic Health Expert
As a priestess, healer and speaker, Nicole Trombley has been guiding souls back to love, their purpose and all their power for the last 20 years. Through the worlds of corporate wellness, integrative oncology and education, she has inspired thousands of people to take radical responsibility for their health, wellbeing and spiritual connection.  She facilitates healing through intuitive coaching, energy work and the Divine Feminine and her offerings include workshops, retreats, 1-1 sessions and group programs.  She has a degree in psychology, neuroscience, and public relations and multiple certifications in energy practices from around the world.  You can learn more about her and her work at
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The Chakras

In this workshop, you will learn about the seven main chakras as well as how to energy test them. You will also learn how to clear, balance and strengthen them using meditation and energy work.

Upcoming dates coming soon!

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Energy Medicine

Understanding and working with your body’s energy systems enables you to take charge of your energy, vitality, health and healing.

In this workshop, you will learn the basics of your body’s energy systems, how they function and how to work with them.  You’ll also learn a handful of simple techniques that can lift your energy level, boost your immune system, improve focus and clarity and calm the nervous system.

Stay tuned for future dates.

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